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Teroldego 'Lille' Poppelvej 2022

Teroldego 'Lille' Poppelvej 2022


The Teroldego 'Lille' Poppelvej is an Australian red wine, vinified with indigenous yeasts and aged on fine lees. Its uniqueness lies precisely in the choice of the grape variety, native to northern Italy and very rare in Australia. On the nose it offers delicate notes of blackberry, currant and pomegranate accompanied by slight herbaceous nuances, while on the palate it is juicy, enveloping, endowed with an elegant depth




Teroldego 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in wooden vats


4 months aging on fine lees

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, Vegan Friendly, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Teroldego ‘Lille’ from the artisanal estate Poppelvej represents a rare Australian interpretation of Teroldego, a native black grape variety from Trentino. Generally, Teroldego is known for its deeply colored wines characterized by pronounced aromas of wild berries. Being a late-ripening variety, in the cold alpine climate of Trentino, the grapes can sometimes struggle to reach full maturity, a problem that doesn't occur in the Mediterranean climate of South Australia. Apart from Australia, small quantities of Teroldego vineyards can also be found in California and Brazil, although its presence outside Italy is decidedly sporadic.

The ‘Lille’ Poppelvej Teroldego is made from exclusively from grapes of the same variety cultivated according to the principles of organic farming in a vineyard located in the Kuitpo area, within the Adelaide Hills territory. In the cellar, the grapes undergo a 3-day cold pre-fermentation maceration, followed by gentle pressing and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation of the must in wooden vats. The subsequent aging phase, which takes place on fine lees, lasts for 4 months, and the wine is finally bottled without any filtration and without the use of additives and oenological aids, except for homoeopathic doses of sulfites when necessary.

The ‘Lille’ Teroldego from the small Australian winery Poppelvej is a dark and luminous ruby red. Intense fruity perceptions of blackberry, currant, and pomegranate emerge from the glass, accompanied by subtle herbal and floral hints. The taste, rich and juicy, displays soft tannins, a enveloping body, and excellent freshness that contributes to the momentum of the long and deep finish. Due to its momentum, this Teroldego should be served cool, at a temperature no higher than 15-16°C.


Bright ruby red


Rich, juicy, enveloping, long and deep finish


Notes of blackberry, currant and pomegranate accompanied by slight herbaceous and floral hints