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Whisky Single Malt 'An Oa' Ardbeg

Whisky Single Malt 'An Oa' Ardbeg


Whisky Single Malt "Ao Oa" is a pleasantly peaty Scotch Single Malt from Islay, the result of an assembly of 3 different barrels (virgin charred oak, ex-Pedro Ximenez and ex-Bourbon) in a large French oak barrel. With typical smoky nuances, with round and sweet notes of caramel, dried fruit, spices, banana, brackish tips and memories of aromatic herbs, it gives a creamy, intense and very rich sip



Friulano 50%, Pinot Bianco 20%, Sauvignon 20%, Pinot Grigio 10%


Alcohol content

46.6 %


70 cl Bottle


Soft pressing, decantation in the absence of sulfur, alcoholic fermentation for 10-12 days in steel vats


Several years in sweet Pedro Ximenez casks, spicy virgin charred oak, and intense ex-bourbon casks


Single Malt Whisky "Ao Oa" is a Scotch Single Malt produced by Ardbeg, which perfectly reflects the typical characteristics of the famous Scotch spirits from the Hebrides Islands. The ancient custom of using peat in the preparation stage of barley malt unmistakably marks the profile of Islay whisky, characterizing it in a strong way. It is a perfect label for those who want to approach and learn about this style or for those who already love to feel the smoky charm of peaty notes in the glass. Aging in a selection of carefully selected noble woods gives a pleasant richness and aromatic complexity.

Single Malt "An Oa" is a Whisky that is born in Port Ellen, on the shores of the island of Islay. It is in this place exposed to the winds and ocean waves that the famous labels of the Ardbeg distillery, true icons of the peat style, see the light of day. Founded in the late 18th century, it is still considered one of the Hebrides' most prestigious brands. A fame won thanks to a stylistic consistency, which has never succumbed to fads and has remained faithful to the oldest traditions of the area, with use of peat as fuel for malt drying. The distillation process is carried out following custom in traditional stills. Aging is entrusted to three different types of wood: French oak barrels, toasted oak barrels previously used for aging American Bourbon, and barrels used for aging Jerez Pedro Ximenez wines. The whiskey is bottled without proceeding to cold filtration in order to maintain its pure expressive integrity.

"Ao Oa" is an Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky dedicated to devotees of the strict and classic style of great Islay spirits. An uncompromising bottle for lovers of peat and the sea. In the glass it is golden in color with bright highlights. The olfactory picture is intense and elegant, with enveloping smoky and peaty notes, which open to fruity scents of peach and banana, hints of spice, aromas of star anise, citrus peel, dried fruit, beeswax, black tea, pine resin, tofee candy, softness of molasses and chestnut honey, noble woods, sensations of medicinal herbs, on a seaweed undertone, reminiscent Iodinated and brackish sensations of ocean breath. On the palate it is deep and rich, with a complex and austere sip that stretches decisively toward a finish of remarkable flavor persistence, marked by dense peat notes.


Light gold


Smooth, pleasantly sweet and intensely peaty


Intensely smoky, brackish and pleasantly sweet notes of banana, dried fruit and caramel