Whisky Single Malt Ardbeg 10 Anni

Intense and well-structured Single Malt Whisky from Islay, rich in aromas, peated and very complex, sweet, spicy and smoked, non-filtered and aged for 10 years
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Barley malt




Islands (Scotland)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle - with original package


10 years in oak casks

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Tulip goblet
Tulip goblet

The tulip goblet for the Whisky has an upper opening narrower than the body to facilitate a contact surface with the air and to concentrate the aromas to a suitable area for the nose


The Single Malt Whisky 10 Years is produced in the Ardbeg distillery which started business in 1798. The history of Ardbeg, similar to other distilleries, is full of adversity, ownership changes and closures for some time. Today it is owned by Moet Hennessy. The distillery is equipped with only two stills, one for each distillation and the water reaches the distillery from the lakes and Arinambeast Uigedale. And 'considered the most peated single malt Scotch. The Ardbeg Ten Years Old whiskey is one of the most respected in the world, its torbosità and smoking make it one of the most complex single malt in circulation. Although the taste of peat is not very ostentatious, rather its flavor on the palate is naturally sweet, is a whiskey with a perfect balance. Most are filtered cold (chill-filtered) to reduce the alcohol content to 40% vol. The Ardbeg Ten Years Old, however, does not use the cold filtration and in fact has a higher alcohol content (46% vol.), Thus preserving its best flavor while adding body and greater depth. It shows straw yellow color and very peaty aroma, with hints Significantly greater malt, grains, yeast, toffee, chocolate, phenols, smoked, cigar box, tomato plant. The taste is very rich and very large, heavily peated, full of citrus, bitter orange marmalade, coffee, licorice. Aftertaste: very persistent, smoked malt, ends with savory taste.

Colour Straw and intense yellow

Scent Peated and smoky, with hints of malt, grains, yeast and citrus marmalade

Taste Rich and wide, smoked, persistent and savory

producer: Ardbeg

Distillati principali
Foundation year
Ardbeg Distillery Port Ellen, Islay, Argyll PA42 7EA
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