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Whisky Single Malt Ardbeg 10 Anni

Whisky Single Malt Ardbeg 10 Anni


The Whisky Ardbeg 10 Years is an intense, structured single malt from the island of Islay, unfiltered to keep its rich flavor profile intact. It is peaty and extraordinarily complex, with sweet, spicy and smoky notes. A great classic known all over the world!



Alcohol content

46 %


70 cl Bottle


10 years in oak casks


Ardbeg 10-Year Single Malt Whisky is produced at the Ardbeg distillery, which began operations back in 1798. Ardbeg's history, similar to other distilleries, is full of adversity, changes of ownership and closures for various lengths of time, but it was completely revamped in the 1990s and reborn stronger than before. Ardbeg, which derives from the Gaelic Àrd Beag, meaning small headland, is based on the island of Islay, the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides, between Ireland and Scotland. From an island traditionally devoted to Whisky production, Ardbeg has its own unique imprint given by the use of the waters of Lakes Arinambeast and Uigeadail.

Ardbeg 10-year Single Malt Whisky originated from locally produced malted barley. Ardberg is said to use the peatiest malted barley on the island, from Port Ellen, with a very high phenolic component compared to other areas. Milling is done at the distillery with a rare vintage Boby malt mill, installed in 1921 but still in perfect working order. The water used is from Lake Uigeadail and is added 3 times at 3 different temperatures after the malt has produced the sugars in the mashing process. Fermentation is quite long because of the high phenolic malt, and it takes place in washbacks made of Oregon pines. Maturation takes place in ex-Bourbon oak barrels.

The Ardbeg 10-year-old is a Single Malt of extraordinary complexity and richness. The important peatiness is balanced by good aromatic sweetness and great depth. It has a deep straw yellow colour and very peaty hints of malt, grain, chocolate, tobacco and a tomato plant. The taste is decidedly rich and very broad, strongly peaty, with aromas of citrus, coffee and liquorice. The aftertaste is very persistent, smoky and savoury. This aromatic complexity best represents the incredible depths of Scotland, encapsulated in the bottle of Ardbeg.


Straw and intense yellow


Rich and wide, smoked, persistent and savory


Peated and smoky, with hints of malt, grains, yeast and citrus marmalade