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Whisky Blended 'Days' Nikka

Whisky Blended 'Days' Nikka


Nikka's Whisky "Days" is a Japanese Blended which perfectly expresses the long tradition of Japan in the art of Whiskey. Soft, fresh, intense and with great personality, it is enriched by citrus aromas, fruity notes and hints of dried fruit and cream




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Nikka's Blended Whisky "Days" is the latest addition to the range of spirits from this renowned Japanese brand, acknowledged by connoisseurs as among the very best beyond the borders of Scotland. It's an innovative label sporting a youthful and modern style characterized by light, fresh, and fragrant aromas and a delicate smokiness that enriches the aromatic spectrum without overshadowing the typical malty and fruity notes. Born from a harmonious blend of different distillates with complementary characteristics, it achieves a final result with excellent taste balance. Perfect for sipping neat, it is particularly well-suited for creating refined whisky-based cocktails.

"Days" is a Blended Whisky originating from Japan's most well-known distillery. Nikka was founded by Masataka Taketsuru, a family heir with generations involved in sake production. His passion for Scotch whisky and Japanese expertise in the art of distillation paved the way for creating high-quality Japanese whisky. Today, Nikka labels confidently compete with the world's best bottles, thanks partly to meticulous raw material selection and water availability from pure, crystalline springs.

The Blended Whisky "Days," produced by the renowned Nikka distillery in Japan, presents a fresh and youthful version of whisky that captivates with its direct, expressive immediacy. Undoubtedly, it's an excellent bottle for those entering the distillery's range, known for its labels marked by finesse and elegance. It displays an antique gold colour with luminous reflections. The olfactory profile unfolds with delicately peaty sensations, aromas of apple, ripe white pulp fruit, melon, dried fruit, vanilla, malt softness, caramel, spice hints, and black pepper nuances. The palate is fresh and smooth, with harmonious and lightly toasted flavours, leading to a savoury and persistent finish.


Bright gold


Fresh, enveloping, soft and delicate


Notes of sweet spices, orange, ginger, cream and butter