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Whisky Coffey Grain Nikka

Whisky Coffey Grain Nikka


The Whisky Coffey Grain by Nikka is an elegant and refined Japanese single grain, made with ancient Scottish stills. It features exotic and fruity aromas, sweet and full-bodied, with good complexity and freshness




Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Corn and rye


Undeclared; probably until 10 years in oak barrels


Coffey Grain is a Whisky with a harmonious soul, which develops with a particularly oily sip. It is a label that Nikka produces from an accurate grain blend, thus deviating from the typical raw material used in its products, barley malt. This, however, is not the only peculiarity of this Whisky, which, during distillation, sees the use of Coffey Still, or stills exclusively dedicated to the distillation of wheat and corn. Nikka imported these stills in the early 1960s from Scotland with the intention of bringing to life a quality label made from grain, an ingredient usually snubbed by Whisky purists. Goal more than achieved, as you can tell from the first sips of this excellent distillate.

Coffey Grain is a Whisky that Nikka makes from a mixture of grain, carefully selected. Indeed, the choice of raw materials is essential for a reality in which quality must always be achieved without compromise. The distillation phase takes place with a Coffey type still, whose name comes from its creator, Irishman Aeneas Coffey, imported by Nikka directly from Scotland in 1963.

Coffey Grain Nikka Whisky presents itself to the eye with a straw yellow colour, light and faint. The bouquet of aromas that develop on the nose presents sweet notes, in which there are sensations reminiscent of melon, citrus and sweet spices. On the palate, it is full-bodied, harmonious and enveloping, with a sip marked by a taste in which woody flavours are found. A product with an original profile, with which Nikka departs from the classicism that distinguishes its range, giving us a unique product ideal to give to all those who are expert connoisseurs of Whisky.


Intense golden


Sweet and complex, fresh and fruity


Deep and fruity, with exotic scents