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Whisky 'Corryvreckan' Ardbeg

Whisky 'Corryvreckan' Ardbeg


Whisky Ardbeg “Corryvreckan” is a very peated, intense and spicy Single Malt from Islay, with no age statement. It has a very complex and warm soul, with dark and deep aromas of seaweed, peated smoke, lemon, cocoa, coffee and officinal herbs



Alcohol content

57.1 %


70 cl Bottle


Not declared, probably between 3 and 11 years mainly in ex-Bourbon casks


"Corryvreckan" Whisky from the famous Scottish distillery Ardbeg is a Single Malt with a strong personality. It is a very intense and strong-tasting Whisky, dedicated to those who already know the style of this historic brand or otherwise like to find smoky sensations in the glass. It is a label that perfectly represents the style of the great Whiskies of the famous island of Islay, which is located in the Inner Hebrides archipelago. Aged in wood for several years, it releases rich aromas, characterized mainly by the presence of roasted, spicy, marine and distinctly peaty notes.

"Corryvreckan" is a Whisky produced by an iconic distillery on Islay. Ardbeg is synonymous with great Whiskies from the typically torque and marine character. It is located on the southern shores of Islay and was founded in the late 1700s. Even today its whiskies retain traditional charm and a strict style that has never succumbed to passing fads, continuing to offer spirits with strong territorial connotations. Quality barley and the purest water from lakes Arinambeast and Uigedale are combined with a malt-drying process carried out using peat as fuel. At the end of aging, the Whisky is bottled without filtering so that it can retain all its expressive integrity and retain all the smoky, briny and sea aromas.

Ardbeg Whisky "Corryvreckan" will win over all lovers of peaty Whiskies with its deep aromas. It is an uncompromising label, recommended only for those who already know what they are looking for in a good glass of Whisky. For neophytes of the genre it may come across as far too intense and smoky. It is made from a selection of fine barley malt and at the end of distillation ages for several years in oak barrels often previously used for aging American Bourbon. It is bright golden yellow in color. The nose releases an intense and complex bouquet with aromas of citrus zest, ripe fruit, roasted notes, bitter cocoa, licorice root, medicinal herbs, hints of resin, iodine puffs of sea breeze and a peaty undertone. The sip is rich and warm, with an entry on the palate on soft fruity notes, giving way to spicy sensations, hints of ginger, dried fruit, savory briny sensations and elegant smoky notes, accompanying a long, lingering finish.


Intense golden yellow


Warm, intense, rich and very spicy, smoky and slightly sweet, with a long persistence and aromas of peat, coffee, lemon and dark spices


Very intense and peated, with smoky scents, of seaweed, lemon, cocoa, red fruits, black pepper and officinal herbs