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Whisky Rye Malt Wood Smoke Kyro Distillery - 50cl

Whisky Rye Malt Wood Smoke Kyro Distillery - 50cl

Kyro Distillery

Kyro Distillery's Rye Malt Wood Smoke whiskey is a limited edition whisky whose production follows ancient Nordic customs and aging in former French oak bourbon barrels and new American oak barrels. In fact, the rye is lightly smoked with alder smoke, which allows it to develop aromas reminiscent of Finnish forests and classic campfire scents. This delicate touch supports the rich hints of the rye, giving the whiskey balance and structure.





Alcohol content

47.2 %


50 cl Bottle


Aged in ex-bourbon barrels of French oak and new American white oak

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Rye Wood Smoke whisky from the Finnish Kyro Malt Distillery is a whisky with a pleasantly smoky soul. In fact, the rye used to make this distillate is smoked with alder wood inside an over 100-year-old 'rihii' barn, according to an ancient Nordic custom. This technique enriches the product with distinctive scents reminiscent of bonfire smoke, smoked ham and Finnish forests. This original whisky is a limited edition of pure rye malt, a cereal that is very important in the Finnish diet.
Kyro Malt Distillery Whisky Rye Wood Smoke is made from pure rye grown in Finland and smoked with alder wood. The rye is first subjected to the malting process, which involves steeping the grains in water to promote sprouting and thus the conversion of starches into simple sugars. This is followed by the infusion phase in hot water, which prepares the mass for alcoholic fermentation by yeasts. The fermented product is then distilled in stills and the resulting liquid is introduced into French oak and American white oak casks previously used for Bourbon maturation, containers in which it remains to age for a long period before bottling.
Kyro Malt Distillery's Rye Whisky Wood Smoke is deep amber in colour. The nose relaxes on hints of undergrowth and light vanilla aromas, with a vivid smoky sensation in the background. The taste is rich and balanced, characterised by an enveloping warmth and a pleasant softness. The finish recalls delicate but persistent smoky hints.


Deep Amber


Mild smoking, balanced, rich


Hints of underbrush, smoky notes, light vanilla aromas