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Ca' de Pazzi

Madness, romanticism and modern pop: the new face of Franciacorta!
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2018
Address Via Iseo 108 - 25030, Erbusco (BS)

Ca' de Pazzi, as the name suggests ('pazzi' literally translates as 'mad'), was born from a moment of madness. This new project originates from the passion for wine of two friends, who gave life to this young and fresh brand, with the aim of appealing to an audience of the same age as themselves. This was specifically done to convey the value of wine in a simpler, more immediate and engaging way. The labels of the wines include faces of animals with human features, such as a giraffe and a rhinoceros, with a pipe and bow tie, with a hat and glasses: they are so beautiful that you want to buy them exclusively for the label. Even the contents inside the bottles live up to expectations, produced in perfect Franciacorta style, and based on the principles of the Classic Method. The grapes are the typical ones of the area, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir, and are used to create different varieties of Franciacorta, Satén, Brut, Nature and Rosé. They are all made in collaboration with the Girolamo Conforti winery, which is located in the town of Erbusco.

The name Ca' de Pazzi not only derives from the common madness of the founders, but the decisive inspiration comes from the famous and immortal 1939 film by Totò entitled "Animali Pazzi". Their project is a perfect mix of madness, romanticism and modern pop, which are the ideal instruments to reach an ever wider audience. Their innovative and contemporary approach always combines with traditional and high quality production methods. The grapes are harvested by hand around the second week of August, and after the grapes have been softly pressed, the first fermentation - the alcoholic one - takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks and is followed by the blending of the base wines to create the perfect cuvée. The second fermentation takes place, following the principles of the Classic Method, in the bottle and in contact with the yeasts, for a period that normally ranges from 18 to 24 months.

The Franciacorta bubblies from the Ca' de Pazzi winery are sparkling wines that reflect a new style. They are ideal to enjoy as an aperitif, with snacks and social conversation, with smoked fish, tartare and carpaccio starters, or with a platter of fresh mixed cheeses. If you are fed up with the usual names and are curious to taste some new wines from the Franciacorta region, these brilliant young creations from Ca' dei Pazzi could be exactly what you desire!