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Since 1942, rhum from Guadaloupe full of flavour
Region Guadalupa (Caraibi)
Foundation Year Fine '800
Address Distillerie Damoiseau, D101, Le Moule, Guadalupa

Damoiseau is a producer of rum in the central cultural craftsmanship of agricole rum. The family from which it takes its name has owned it in 1942 and relies on the Bellevue distillery, which is located in the green heart of Le Moule, in Guadeloupe, with its two ancient windmills. These rums have had a great success all over the sea, not only in France, but worldwide. Much appreciated for the quality of their raw materials, pure juice of indigenous sugar cane, they are a symbol of the highest quality of the historic Caribbean agricole rum. The vesou, the juice, is distilled in continues stills and is then aged in wooden barrels, thus losing the initial high alcohol concentration and refining its aromatic nuances in sweet and spicy notes. The fine Rums Vieux rest for several years in barrels that had previously housed the Bourbon, which gives to the subtle shades a complexity and richness of flavors that are really interesting. The distillery has origins dating back to the late nineteenth century and has become a landmark of the art of agricole rum.