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Domaine des Roches Neuves

Give new life to the land, the noble expressions of Varrains
Region Valle della Loira (Francia)
Vineyard hectares 28
Address 56, Bd. Saint Vencent, 49400 Varrains

The Domaine des Roches Neuves is located in the municipality of Varrains, a small town in Saumur, in central France. This Domaine has existed since 1850 and is considered one of the best and most suitable of the region, thanks to the chalky soil and tuff. Thierry and Philippe Germain, descended from a family of winemakers of Bordeaux, this Domaine purchase of 22 acres in 1993 and immediately convert the entire production cycle to biodynamics, because they want to create wines that are not globalized, but are fresh, fine and alive, they have a soul and that reflect all the peculiarities of the terroir from which they come. The Germain understand that, in order to obtain these results, it is necessary to revitalize the soil, limiting the interventions and completely eliminating all treatments based on chemical products. Similarly to the basement, recently restored, are banned and all chemical alchemy, almost unique feature for aging using only new barrels. Chenin Blanc is a native vine that's here has spread around the world: "The Unusual" of the Domaine is perhaps the ultimate expression of this wine typical of the Pays de la Loire.