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Rosi Eugenio

A wine artisan from the Lagarina Valley
Region Trentino (Italia)
Foundation Year 1997
Vineyard hectares 8.8
Annual production 30.000 bt
Address Via Tavernelle, 3/B - 38060 Volano (TN)

Eugenio Rosi is a Trentino winemaker who produces wines with care and passion. His love for his land was passed on to him by his father, who took him to the countryside when he was still a child and made him appreciate the simple life in contact with nature. This experience deeply marked Eugenio's destiny. Even as a boy, his best memories were of days spent in the fields, and it is no coincidence that he chose that path as his career and life. In 1997 Eugenio Rosi was working as an enologist at the Vallagarina winery, although he already began to think about a different future, one that would give him greater satisfaction. This led to the decision to set up his own business, in order to create wines that were the result of a direct and authentic relationship with their territory.

Eugenio Rosi's winery is located in the Lagarina Valley, which is the stretch of the Adige River that runs from the south of Trento down to the plain. This is a valley of ancient glacial origin, characterised by the presence of calcareous rocks and morainic and fluvial deposits, which make the soils particularly suitable for viticulture. The mild climate is already influenced by Lake Garda and its breezes, especially the Ora, which blows up the valley keeping the grapes dry and healthy. It is in this marvellous hilly territory that Eugenio Rosi decided to give life to his own project, expressing his idea of wine.

His philosophy as an artisan winemaker led him to approach the land with love. He started the business by cultivating his family's vineyards and renting plots of uncultivated land in which he saw potential. As a good farmer, he has always considered the vineyard to be the centre of all his work. The vines are cultivated by seeking a natural balance of production, so as to have quality grapes. The wine is seen as a direct and natural consequence of the good work done in the countryside, and he tries to intervene as little as possible in the cellar. Simplicity, balance and harmony are the inspiring principles of his work and the characteristics he tries to transfer to his wines. They reflect the aromas of the vines and the personality of this area of Trentino. Alongside the grape varieties that have always been cultivated in the region, such as Marzemino and Nosiola, the estate also features the classic and noble French grapes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

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