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Fattoria Nicolucci

A monument of the Sangiovese di Predappio, a symbol in Romagna
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1885
Vineyard hectares 12
Annual production 90.000 bt
Address Via Umberto Primo, 21 - 47016 Predappio Alta (FC)
Oenologist Alessandro Nicolucci

Fattoria Nicolucci is one of the wineries that has helped make the history of Sangiovese di Romagna, enhancing this typical red wine of the area to its current level. In these lands, vine cultivation has ancient roots, dating back to Roman times. Historical sources, confirm that already in the year 1000 the local agriculture was based on viticulture and wine production. An activity that has never ceased to characterize the economy of the area and still represents an important resource. Fattoria Nicolucci perfectly interprets this ancient tradition and has been managing vineyards in the Predappio area for four generations, producing a version of classic Sangiovese, linked to the best customs and a faithful interpreter of this generous land.

The heart of the winery is located in Predappio Alta, also called La Prè in Romagnolo. This is a small village of medieval origin about 20 kilometers from Forlì, located at an altitude of about 250 meters above sea level, which enjoys a mild and always well-ventilated climate, thanks to the constant presence of gentle breezes from the Adriatic Sea. The hilly area is covered by rows of vineyards, which draw an orderly agricultural landscape, the result of the work of generations of winegrowers. As early as the 14th century, municipal statutes regulated the agronomic practices of vineyard cultivation with the aim of obtaining quality grapes. An ancient custom, which has since been handed down from generation to generation to the present day.

If the region is the homeland of Sangiovese di Romagna, Predappio Alta is its cradle, the place where the vine has found for centuries the ideal conditions to express itself at its best, thanks to the suitable soils and favorable climatic conditions. The soils are predominantly clayey in nature and give the wines important power and structure, which also translates into good aging potential. Attention in the vineyard, careful vinification and very respectful of the raw material, allow the winery to offer a range of wines that represent very well the varietal notes of Sangiovese and the characteristics of the territory.

"Possiamo dirlo: un pezzo fondamentale di storia della viticoltura romagnola passa per Predappio Alta, dove la famiglia Nicolucci ha vigne e cantina da oltre un secolo"

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Fattoria Nicolucci's wines
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