Passion and competence of the Teroldego lady

Foradori has the great merit of having contributed to the revaluation of the Teroldego vine, which in recent years has established itself in the Italian wine scene with great authority. The protagonist of this revival is undoubtedly Elisabetta Foradori, not surprisingly called the Teroldego lady, a woman who has been able to bring to the highest level the combination of passion and expertise. The Trentino region is absolutely suited for the production of quality red wines. The potential of the area are fully exploited by the Foradori winery, so as to give us bottles that reflect the quality and vision of labor in the vineyard. The Granato Foradori is definitely at the top of its type, a wine of absolute value, which symbolizes the great character of Teroldego. You can find the extraordinary quality of Granato in the other bottles produced by Foradori, thanks to the meticulous and constant pursuit of perfection that animates the heart of this reality. We are confident that from the first taste you will be conquered by the quality of these wines, but above all by the ardor and skill of Foradori.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
160.000 bt
Elisabetta Foradori
Via Damiano Chiesa 1, 38017 - Mezzolombardo (TN)
The Wines by Foradori