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From Monte Foscarino to Monti Berici, great wines from great terroirs
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1991
Vineyard hectares 70
Annual production 700.000 bt
Address Località Biacche, 50 - 37047 San Bonifacio (VR)

The Inama winery is one of the most interesting wineries in the Veneto region. For over fifty years it has been cultivating vineyards and producing wines in some of the most vocated areas of the region. Today, the third generation of the family, represented by Alessio and Luca, has approached the management of the winery with a spirit oriented towards the preservation of a heritage of knowledge and savoir-faire, which allows the production of high quality wines, capable of faithfully interpreting the places of production. The estate's origins date back to 1948, with the purchase of the first vineyard on Monte Foscarino, in the classic Soave area. After many years of experience with white grapes, in 1996 Inama decided to expand the business by purchasing an estate in the Monti Berici area, intended for the production of red wines.

The historic core of the company is still located in the Soave lands, where it all began. The hilly area east of the city of Verona has been famous for its wines since the time of the ancient Romans, thanks to beautiful hillside exposures, a mild and breezy climate, and soils of ancient volcanic origin, mainly composed of lava basalt and tuffs, insisting on limestone and sandstone substrates. Today the Soave property covers 30 hectares, with parcels located in some of the most vocated areas of the classic area. Here one of the oldest white grapes in our ampelographic heritage reigns supreme: Garganega. A generous vine of high quality, which recent DNA analyses have shown to be a biotic of the golden Grecanico found in Sicily and in particular in some of the old vines planted with trees on Etna.

The Colli Berici estate, is located in the southern area of the province of Vicenza, in a wonderful area characterized by gentle hills. The climate is particularly mild and sunny. The soils, consisting of clay and silt, rich in iron oxide, were generated and brought to the surface by ancient bradyseism activity. The particular pedoclimatic conditions have proved perfect for the cultivation of red grapes and in particular for Carmenere, an ancient variety once widespread in the Bordeaux area and today widely cultivated in Chile, which arrived in Veneto in the mid-19th century and for a long time was confused with Cabernet Franc. Thanks to these two terroirs, the Inama winery is able to produce a full range of wines of excellent quality and able to reflect the character of two splendid areas of the Veneto.

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