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Jim Beam

A brand that has shaped the history of Kentucky Bourbon
Region Kentucky (Stati Uniti)
Foundation Year 1795
Address 568 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont - KY 40110, Stati Uniti

Jim Beam is an American distillery that produces one of the world's most famous Bourbons. Its origins go back a long way, as the Beam family has been producing spirits for more than two centuries with seven generations succeeding each other until today. In 1740, the Bohems emigrated from Europe to the United States in search of fortune. Once in Kentucky, they changed their German name to Beam and began growing corn. At that time, Scottish and Irish settlers, remembering the traditions of their home countries, produced rye whiskey along the East Coast. When the US government encouraged settlers to move west, many settled in the state of Kentucky. The production of corn whiskey began, and the Beams did not miss the opportunity to embark on this new adventure.

In 1795, Jacob Beam began selling his Bourbon and was immediately successful, despite competition from a few thousand small distilleries in Kentucky. From being a simple farmer, he soon became one of the most highly regarded Master Distillers. After two hundred years, the art of distilling, which has been handed down from generation to generation, is still the company's most valuable asset. The raw materials chosen with extreme care, the distillation process carried out following the finest traditional methods, the purest water and ageing in selected noble woods are the basis of top quality labels that are the true expression of an ancient craft and the Kentucky soil.

The Beam Bourbons are produced from a blend of at least one half corn, to which rye and barley malt are added. Must from the previous distillation is added to the grain mash bill, which helps transform the mixture into a sour mash. Another secret of the Beam Bourbon is the pure Kuntucky light water, which is naturally filtered through the limestone rocks. This gives the taste a clear expressive softness and makes it velvety smooth. In the fermentation phase, a special yeast from the company is used, which is of the same strain as the one used in the 1930s, preserving the classic Beam style. The distillation is carried out in a column plant, with a double distillation process, which produces a Bourbon of extraordinary finesse. Ageing takes place in new American white oak barrels with a high level of toasting, which provides sweet caramel notes and a fuller, richer flavour. Finally, the ultimate secret is time. According to the regulations, two years of ageing is sufficient to make a Straight Bourbon Whiskey, although the Beam bottles mature for at least four years to ensure a smooth, velvety taste.

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