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An authentic winemaker, true interpreter of the Aosta Valley terroir
Region Valle d'Aosta (Italia)
Foundation Year 2007
Vineyard hectares 10
Annual production 60.000 bt
Address Fraz. Porossan Neyves, 209 - 11100 Aosta(AO)

Elio Ottin is one of the leading names in Aosta Valley wine, and has become one of the territory's best interpreters. His adventure in the vineyards began at the end of the 1980s. After training at the Institut Agricole Regional, he purchased a few small plots of land in the municipalities of Quart and Saint-Cristophe, characterised by steep slopes and rocky soils, rich in stones. This land was hard to work and required a great deal of commitment and sacrifice. After years of experimenting, the first bottles finally came out in 2007. The vines chosen are the traditional ones of the region: Petit Rouge, Petit Arvine and the Burgundian Pinot Noir, which in 2011 was joined by Fumin, another indigenous grape of the Alpine area. It was not long before the winery received recognition and today its wines are appreciated by connoisseurs and enthusiasts for their elegance and extraordinary loyalty to the territory.

The Ottin winery covers a total of 8 hectares, divided into numerous plots at an altitude of between 550 and 700 metres above sea level, in the area north of the city of Aosta. The poor soils, with often overhanging bedrock, naturally limit the yields. The vines are located on sunny slopes that are always well ventilated. Thanks to the considerable temperature range between day and night, the grapes ripen slowly with intense aromas and flavours. Sulphur and copper are used almost exclusively in the vines, applying the principles of integrated pest management and only fertilising with manure from Alpine pastures. Not only is the vineyard considered part of a larger natural ecosystem, but the winery as a whole has also been designed with environmental sustainability in mind. It was built entirely underground, so that the temperature and natural humidity are constant, and all the energy used comes from renewable sources.

This great attention to the environment is also mirrored in Ottin's wines. Elio's philosophy is linked to the most ancient traditions and modern technologies are employed to create an idea of wine that must authentically interpret the characteristics of the grapes, the territory and the vintage. His products are a perfect representation of a great mountain wine, with intense aromas, refined and elegant flavours, great expressive finesse and always characterised by a mineral freshness, which is the true stylistic feature of alpine winemaking. These are great wines that reflect the essence of a territory and the philosophy of a man.

"Davvero ragguardevole la qualità dei rossi: accanto a un Pinot Nero di nitida caratterizzazione, svetta la coppia formata dal Torrette Superiore e dal Fumin, due autentici fuoriclasse"

Guida l'Espresso 2016
Ottin's wines
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