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'Clairet' Ottin 2019

'Clairet' Ottin 2019


Ottin's "Clairet" is a wine made from grapes Nebbiolo and Neiret, a historic blend from Valle d'Aosta that this winery has brought back to the present day. It takes the name of the historic 'claret', whose characteristics it also embodies: finesse, gracefulness and light color. Elegant hints of underbrush, sweet spices and jammy fruits meet intriguing balsamic hints. The palate is tannic but silky, with a dynamic sip and great persistence. A different way of interpreting a noble grape variety




Valle d'Aosta DOC


Nebbiolo 90%, Neyret 10%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel followed by cold pre-fermentation maceration


24 months in oak tonneaux and 12 months in bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Clairet Ottin presents itself as a fascinating foray into the winemaking tradition of Valle d'Aosta. This wine, a historic blend of Nebbiolo and Neiret grapes, awakens ancient flavors and revisits the original 'chiaretto', celebrating the finesse, grace, and light color that characterize its essence. Cantina Ottin stands out for its commitment to enhancing the territory and its peculiar characteristics, transforming wine into an authentic expression of the mountain landscape. The name 'Clairet' evokes a forgotten era and brings to light a centuries-old tradition, offering the consumer a timeless experience.

Located between the municipalities of Quart and Saint-Cristophe, at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level, the cellar that gives life to this Clairet Ottin is situated on difficult-to-work terrain, characterized by steep slopes, a very large skeleton, and morainic and sandy soils. Cultivation techniques prioritize sustainability and environmental respect, with particular attention to organic farming. Harvesting is done manually, followed by a 15-day drying phase in the cellar, which gives the wine a deep complexity. Brief cold maceration is followed by alcoholic fermentation for about 10 days, then maturation takes place for 24 months in French oak tonneaux, where the wine evolves and enriches with aromas and flavors. As a final step, the wine rests for 12 months in the bottle.

The Clairet Ottin is a symphony of aromas and flavors that delights the senses and captivates the hearts of connoisseurs. Its vibrant ruby red color, with garnet nuances, sets the stage for a complex and enveloping bouquet. Floral scents of violet and rose harmoniously blend with balsamic and minty notes, creating a dynamic and intriguing olfactory profile. On the palate, the wine stands out for its elegant tannins and long, vibrant sip, leaving a feeling of energy and vitality. This Clairet lends itself to refined and creative pairings such as dishes from traditional Valdostan cuisine, ensuring a celebratory moment to be shared with friends and family.


Ruby red with garnet highlights


Tannic, velvety, intense and warm, pleasantly savory, balsamic on the finish


Underbrush, jammy cherries, licorice, hints of cinchona and resin