Paolo Bea

Great wines of the Montefalco region produced in harmony with nature

The Paolo Bea winery is a family-run establishment in the Montefalco area. The Bea family has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge over five centuries and has managed to put it into use with great passion and patience. Today the winery is guided by their son Giampiero, president and founder of ViniVeri in 2004, together with Angiolino Maule, Fabrizio Niccolaini and Stanislao Radikon.

The vineyard covers about 11 hectares on a calcareous-clayey soil, which alternates with layers of gravel. Paolo Bea's production style has been defined as "extreme": the philosophy is indeed that of understanding and nurturing the land, and respecting the cycles of nature in order to obtain increasingly better wines each year, which are closely connected to their territory. For this reason, synthetic chemical preparations and invasive working of the soil in the vineyard has been eliminated, as well as the addition of yeasts or other enological additives, temperature-controlled systems and forced stabilisation in the cellar. No enologist is employed because, as Giampiero teaches us, nature produces the wine. A minimal dose of sulphites is added, only if strictly necessary, during decanting and the wine is not filtered. Paolo Bea's belief is that technology and science can be helpful but should never replace the processes of nature, so as not to upset the environmental balance. Due to weather conditions, the amount of production in the winery can vary each year, to the extent that often not all the requests can be fulfilled.

From the fusion of passion, research and tradition, the Paolo Bea winery produces wines that fully reveal the unique flavours of the land from which they come, in constant balance between man's work and the surrounding environment.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Winery-owned grapes
Annual production
60.000 bt
Località Cerrete, 8 - 06036 Montefalco (PG)

"There are no fixed rules in nature".


- Giampiero Bea

The wines of Paolo Bea