Plantation - Maison Ferrand

From the Caribbean to France, a rum that ages on two continents

Plantation is a prestigious Rum brand, which offers a selection of labels ranging from rare and high-end spirits to cocktail Rums that are ideal for use in modern mixology. The Plantation project was created by Alexandre Gabriel's curiosity and love of great spirits, and his quest for something special and out of the ordinary to share with spirits enthusiasts. In 1989 Alexandre Gabriel discovered and fell in love with Maison Ferrand, a historic Cognac producer with great traditions that was struggling with commercial difficulties. Thanks to his enthusiasm, Alexandre succeeded in relaunching the brand and repositioning it on the main markets. However, his hunger for innovation did not end with Cognac.

In the 1990s he embarked on a series of trips to the Caribbean islands in search of the best rums. This led to the creation of Plantation, a brand that selects and markets the best Caribbean rums, with the intention of highlighting the characteristics of each individual island and distillery. It offers high quality Rum, which is often rare and particularly appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors. His commitment to enhancing the great tradition of the Caribbean has also been recognised internationally. In 2012 Alexandre Gabriel received two major awards, Master Rum Blender of the Year at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards and the prestigious title of Distiller of the Year from the American Distilling Institute.

Today, Plantation is recognised worldwide for its expertise in selecting and bottling the finest Caribbean rums, with a wide range of products. At the heart of their success is the extraordinary care they take in selecting the best spirits and the experience gained in Cognac regarding the use of wood for ageing. Thanks to this combination, Plantation produces Rums that are an authentic and traditional expression of the best characteristics of each terroir, from Barbados to Jamaica to Guyana. In addition to the precious limited editions of the Plantation Extreme collection, the brand offers extraordinary Vintage Rums from individual territories such as Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Panama, Peru and Fiji. The Signature Blends collection is an expression of the ancient art of blending the best batches of Rum to create harmonious, complex and profound spirits. Finally, there is a range of simpler Rums, which are designed primarily for the art of mixology, without compromising on quality.

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