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Podere Cipolla - Denny Bini

Deliciously refreshing and lively: the winds of Emilia
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 2003
Vineyard hectares 3
Annual production 10.000 bt
Address Via Carlo Darwin, 2 - 42123 Coviolo (RE)

Denny Bini is considered one of the most brilliant names in the world of artisanal Lambrusco wines. The winery, Podere Cipolla, is located on the outskirts of the city of Reggio Emilia, more precisely in the small hamlet of Coviolo, where the flat plains gently turn into green hills. Denny's adventure began in 2003 when he decided to rent a few hectares from his grandfather and plant his own vines. The young man planted these lands with local grapes, mainly Lambrusco, and then vinified them in the garage of his house. Shortly afterwards, a friend offered him the use of his cellar, thus marking the official beginning of the winery's history. An artisanal approach linked to ancient agricultural traditions is still the philosophy that has seen the boy grow up and become a man. That between Denny and his homeland is a story of love, which is reflected in the pure and lively nectars he produces. These are territorial expressions, without adjustments, and with a tasty and rustic flavour. They are certainly not designed to be precise and elaborate, but like very few other wines, they are capable of breaking free from conventions and allowing the land and the grapes to speak for themselves.

Podere Cipolla cultivates its vines in 3 hectares, following the principles of organic farming. The grape varieties are those typical of the Reggio Emilia hills; namely the Malbo Gentile, Spergola, Malvasia and almost all the Lambrusco family (Grasparossa, Salamino, Maestri, Sorbara and Montericco). The vines grow in an environment that is rich in biodiversity, on clayey soils of medium texture with the presence of sand and gravel. They are exposed to the south at an altitude of about 150 metres. In the cellar, fermentation is carried out using indigenous yeasts and re-fermentation takes place in the bottle spontaneously following ancient local recipes, without the use of autoclaves, as in the Charmat method, or the addition of sugar.

The wines of Denny Bini have a rather cloudy and impenetrable coat, due to the lack of filtration processes and the presence of yeasts in the bottle. The aroma describes the land of Emilia with all its rustic, rural and country hints. The taste is defined by a strong tannin, at times vibrant, which allows the wine to be preserved for a long time, without the need to add sulphites. These are lively, thirst-quenching, straightforward wines that are named after the winds and vividly evoke ancient rural traditions.

"La piccola cantina che solo pochi anni fa muoveva i pirmi passi è ora stracolma di tini: i vini che li abitano sono ormai una delle grandi certezze in fatto di riferimentati artigianali emiliani"

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