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An unknown path to a clear and well-defined direction: loving the Langhe
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1902
Vineyard hectares 15
Annual production 90.000 bt
Address Località Lirano 2 - 12050 Sinio (CN)
Oenologist Enrico Rivetto

The headquarters of the Rivetto winery are located in the province of Cuneo, specifically in the lands of Serralunga d'Alba, Lirano and Sinio, renowned for its high quality Barolo. The history of this Piedmontese winery began with the small village shop of great-grandfather Giovanni, which was transformed by grandfather Ercole into a real production of established excellence in the area. It then passed to father Sergio, who modernised it and made it highly functional, preparing to hand it over to the fourth generation of Rivetto, now represented by Enrico. Enrico is a winemaker who makes full use of a century's worth of experience, made up of hard work and commitment, to achieve the satisfaction that only those who are patient can obtain from the land. This is why he bases his philosophy on respect for the land, believing that it is time to give something back to it. Consequently, he decided to uproot some vineyards, replanting fruit trees, old varieties of wheat and planting a vegetable garden.

The soils of the Rivetto winery are kept fertile by the agronomic biodiversity that has been in place since 2009. This avoids falling into the trap of large-scale production with monoculture, as has often happened in this area, and keeps both the land and local traditions alive. At 400 metres above sea level, the Nebbiolo, Barbera and Nascetta grapes, which are a local white grape variety that is experiencing a period of splendour in the Langhe, coexist with fruit trees, aromatic herbs, insects and birds that populate the surrounding environment, and enrich the ecosystem. The soils have a calcareous-clayey character and are rich in marl, which provides the strong presence of tannins typical of wines from this area. The grapes undergo alcoholic fermentation, triggered by indigenous yeasts, in stainless steel tanks and in some cases in terracotta. The temperature is controlled, as human intervention is minimal but still important. Ageing often takes place in French oak barrels, depending on the type of wine being produced.

The Barolo and Barbaresco wines of the Rivetto winery are distinguished by their strong ties to the terroir, which are magnificently revealed in their range of flavours. The elegance of the Barolo di Serralunga, with its minty notes and intriguing hints of black tea, and that of the Barbaresco "Marcarini", with its distinct hints of liquorice and black cherry, is remarkable. The Rivetto family is to be envied for the way in which they have exploited their many years of experience in wine production, drawing on more than 100 years of work in the sector. As a result, Enrico reaps the results with immense skill and great dynamism.

Rivetto's wines
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