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Saint Clair

The unique expression of the Sauvignon in the vineyards of Marlborough
Region Marlborough (Nuova Zelanda)
Foundation Year 1978
Address 30-32 Liverpool Street - Marlborough (Nuova Zelanda)
The Saint Clair winery was founded in 1978, when the New Zealand and the name Marlborough was unknown to most people. Neal and Judy Ibbotson decide to plant the first vines of Sauvignon, convinced that this prestigious vineyard can give great results in New Zealand's terroir. Today the situation has definitely changed: New Zealand is considered one of the most suitable areas in the world for the production of Sauvignon and Marlborough area is a real guarantee for lovers of quality wine. Saint Clair produces its wines at the northern tip of New Zealand, where the vines are protected by mountains on both sides and the sun warms the grapes for several hours a day. For this reason, the grapes maintains a perfect balance of sweetness and acid, developing unique flavors and well-representative of the terroir. It is no coincidence that Decanter has chosen for two years, Sauvignon of Saint Clair as the best Sauvignon in the world. The quality and specialization on the vine have now reached levels of excellence, rewarding courage and insight of Neal and Judy, since 1994, have decided not to give more than his grapes to the wineries in the area, but to create their own line bottles of absolute value. Despite the great success worldwide, Saint Clair is a family business, driven with the same passion of Neal and Judy. If you want to experience Sauvignon of great elegance, able to tell the soul of a distant land, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Saint Clair is the best choice. A winery that has made the history of New Zealand and moved the balance of the wine world to the south towards the Southern Hemisphere and the beautiful vineyards of Marlborough.