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Suertes del Marques

The volcanic wines of Tenerife
Region Isole Canarie (Spagna)
Foundation Year 2006
Address 38315, 38315, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Suertes del Marqués is a family-owned Spanish winery located in the beautiful Orotava Valley area in the northern part of Tenerife Island. The small winery in the Canary Islands archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the North African coast, has come to prominence by producing high quality wines. The estate's origins date back to the 1980s, but for some 20 years the business was limited to growing the vines and selling the grapes. Only starting in 2006 did it begin bottling and marketing the wines, making a name for itself, first in Spain and then also internationally.

From its inception, the estate decided to preserve the heritage of centuries-old vines on the island, the area's native grape varieties and traditional farming systems. The property covers a total of 11 hectares and the vineyards are located at an altitude between 300 and 750 meters above sea level. In addition to this core estate, there are another 15 hectares of vineyards of small social contributors, who sell the grapes to the winery, supplementing its needs. Most of the plots are planted with century-old vines of the native Listán Negro and Blanco varieties, and with other local varieties such as: Vijariego Negro, Baboso Negro, Castellana Negra, Malvasía Rosada or Torrontés Volcánico. The temperate and always very windy climate, combined with soils of volcanic nature, rich in mineral elements, have always constituted an ideal habitat for viticulture.

All work in the vineyard, up to the harvest, is done manually. No chemical treatments are used between the rows, only natural products. Grapes of excellent quality are processed trying to keep their characteristics intact, with the utmost respect for the raw material. Fermentations are carried out using only indigenous yeasts, no racking is done and the use of sulfur dioxide is reduced to a minimum. Vinification and aging take place in cement and steel tanks, or in tonneaux or large French oak barrels, so as not to mark the wines with boisé notes. The wines are divided into three different collections: the Vinos de Villa, which are made from blends of various estate and bestower vineyards; Vinos de Parcela, the result of individual plots that are particularly suited; and finally some special editions, such as Suertes del Marqués Blanco Dulce, Tinto Dulce, Fortificado, Cool or La Floridita.

Suertes del Marques's wines
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