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Quando l'arte di produrre Whisky segue l'arte della natura
Region Honshu Kansai (Giappone)
Foundation Year 1923
Address Distilleria Yamazaki, 5-chōme-2-1, Shimamoto, Mishima-gun, Osaka 618-0001 (Giappone)

Suntory is the main manufacturer of Japanese whisky, estimated in its own homeland and beyond its borders. Its origin dates back to 1923, a time when Shinijro Torii built the first malt whisky distillery in Japan near the capital Kyoto. The choice of the venue was due to its excellent environmental conditions, similar to those of Scottish tradition, perfect for the aging of spirits: clear water, diverse climates and high humidity. The Suntory whisky reflects the Japanese philosophy of humility, harmony and precision. On the company’s website appears a phrase that encompasses these principles: "The art of whisky-making must always follow the art of nature". In other words, Japanese masters do not add or remove anything to the perfection of nature, working in harmony with it and capturing the beauty of each ingredient. At first, the quality strikes those who are to meet the Suntory philosophy: the heirs of the founder, Torii, continued the artisan tradition in respect and love for nature, turning it into a sacred ritual. The processes of fermentation and aging are the path to perfection in quality, which is the basis of balanced and soft structured whiskies, surrounded by sweet aromatic bouquet. Besides having collected several medals for its whiskies in international competitions, for the fourth time, in 2014 the distillery has won the title of "Distiller of the Year" in the ISC, a confirmation of its rare and precious value.

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