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Tenuta Sant'Antonio

Four brothers in the name of wine: the modern personality of Valpolicella
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1995
Vineyard hectares 150
Annual production 1.800.000 bt
Address via Ceriani 23 - 37030 Colognola ai Colli (VR)
Oenologist Paolo Castagnedi

The estate's origins date back to 1989, when an estate in the Monti Garbi area of over one hundred hectares was purchased. The first bottlings of wines of the Soave Doc, Valpolicella Doc and Amarone della Valpolicella Docg appellations date back to 1995. The company's development continued in the following years with the inauguration of the new winery in 2000 and acquisition of more vineyards. Today it is a well-established reality in the Veneto region, producing a range of wines with a typically territorial character, authentically expressing the best local traditions. The project is the result of the desire of four brothers, who work with passion following the ancient customs of rural culture, handed down from one generation to the next.

The Sant'Antonio Estate is divided into several estates, stretching from the Soave area to the hilly area of Valpolicella. The two areas, located east and northwest of Verona, respectively, are perfectly complementary: one devoted to white grapes and the other to red grapes. What unites the two territories, however, is a millennia-long history in the field of viticulture, dating back as far as the time of Roman colonization, when these lands of the Veneto were already famous for the abundant production of grapes and excellent wines.

Valpolicella is characterized by a hilly area crossed by deep valleys, which descend from the north to the plains. The climate is mitigated by the nearby presence of Lake Garda and constant ventilation, which always keeps the grapes healthy. The soils are predominantly calcareous in nature, particularly suitable for growing red grapes. The vines grown are the historical ones of the area, Corvina, Corvinone, Molinara and Rondinella, which have always been the basis of local wines. The Soave area, on the other hand, is of very ancient volcanic origin and is characterized by soils composed mainly of basalt, rich in minerals, ideal for the needs of Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. The labels perfectly reflect the authenticity of two great territories of the Veneto. They are straightforward and sincere, intense and elegant wines.

"La nostra è la storia di una nuova generazione che calca le orme del padre, ma non si vuole limitare solo alla produzione delle uve, ma a fare il vino con uno stile più moderno. Non siamo mai stati tradizionalisti pur producendo vini della tradizione"

Armando Castagnedi
Tenuta Sant'Antonio's wines
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
93 -@@-9-James Suckling
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
92 -@@-9-James Suckling
87 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
3 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
93 -@@-9-James Suckling
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
93 -@@-5-Veronelli
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
94 -@@-11-Luca Maroni
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
90 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
91 -@@-9-James Suckling
91 -@@-5-Veronelli
93 -@@-9-James Suckling
93 -@@-11-Luca Maroni
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS