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Villa Venti

The ancient Romagna: from the Sangiovese to the Centesimino
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 2002
Vineyard hectares 8
Annual production 36.000 bt
Address Via Doccia, 1442, Loc. Villa Venti - 47020 Roncofreddo (FC)

Villa Venti is a dynamic and young winery on the Romagna wine scene, located near Roncofreddo, in the hilly area that rises gently from the coast to the first pre-Apennine reliefs. The winery was created in 2002 by Mauro Giardini and Davide Castellucci, with the desire to offer the market healthy, genuine wines capable of expressing in an authentic and direct way the character of the terroir and its winemaking traditions. The property is located in the area between Roncofreddo and Longiano and wanted to draw inspiration from ancient local customs, adopting the culture of the land and ancient farming experience to recreate a sustainable ecosystem respectfully integrated into the surrounding environment.

The estate is located in the municipality of Roncofreddo, just a few kilometers from Rimini and Cesenatico, but far from the hustle and bustle typical of the Romagna coast. The area is nestled in a hilly landscape dotted with small medieval villages, surrounded by unspoiled nature. The climate is temperate, Mediterranean in character, always ventilated thanks to the presence of sea breezes. The soils are of medium texture composed of red clays, ochre, sands and limestone, very suitable for viticulture. The vineyards are located near the winery, covering a total of seven hectares, at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level. The vineyards are cultivated using the alberello system and are within a context of great biodiversity, characterized by the presence of arable fields olive groves and woods.

The philosophy of the estate has always been inspired by the principles of organic farming, using only sulfur and copper. The vines grown are those traditional to the area, primarily Sangiovese, but there is no shortage of vines of ancient local native varieties such as Centesimino or Famoso, which represent the historical memory of the area. Simple and natural winemaking is carried out in the cellar, with minimal oenological intervention to preserve the integrity of the grapes and the typical characteristics of the terroir. The wines are direct and forthright, with fragrant fruit, rich and crisp aromas, the perfect expression of high quality grapes.

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