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'Ageno' La Stoppa 2020

'Ageno' La Stoppa 2020

La Stoppa

The Bianco "Ageno" is a white wine of great intensity, macerated on the skins for 30 days. The bouquet is very intense, full, dynamic, with typical oxidized hints opening to notes of jam, caramelized cedar and spices. The taste is charming, elegantly astringent and persistent, very similar to the olfactory profile

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Malvasia di Candia 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration on the skins for 30 days using only indigenous yeasts and without the addition of sulfur dioxide

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, Macerated on grape peel, Orange Wine, No added sulfites or minimum, Triple A

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Ageno" is one of the most famous labels from the Piacenza winery La Stoppa. It is an orangewine of remarkable richness and aromatic intensity, which offers a complex and fascinating tasting experience. It is a wine produced in the most natural way possible, with a long maceration and following ancestral winemaking practices, in order to maintain the purity and integrity of the grapes. The respect for a high-quality raw material is the basis of a white wine that interprets the tradition of the territory through the use of vines that have always been cultivated in these places and with agricultural and cellar practices that refer to the oldest customs.

"Ageno" is born in one of the most representative cellars of the Colli Piacentini area. La Stoppa owns a magnificent estate located in an area surrounded by woods, in a landscape rich in biodiversity. In the vineyard, the principles of a very rigorous organic agriculture are followed, with grassed rows and without the use of any type of fertilizers. The wine is made from a blend with a majority percentage of aromatic Malvasia di Candia, integrated with a small balance of two other white grape varieties typical of the territory, Ortrugo and Trebbiano. The vines have an average age of about 20 years and are grown on soils composed of silt and clay. The grapes are vinified with a maceration on the skins for a period of 4 months in steel or cement tanks. The fermentation takes place spontaneously with the use of only indigenous yeasts. The wine then rests in 40 hectolitre wooden barrels and is bottled without filtration and without the addition of sulphur dioxide.

The "Ageno" wine produced by La Stoppa is dedicated to enthusiasts of macerated wines, who love natural vinifications and seek in the glass the ancient taste of wine from the past. The recovery of the oldest traditions is an integral part of the project of this label, with an original character and a strong personality. It has an amber color when viewed. The olfactory profile is very rich and complex, with aromas of bitter orange zest, black tea, ripe yellow fruit, spicy sensations, hints of medicinal herbs, resinous and balsamic notes. Intense and structured, it offers an aromatic and multifaceted sip, wide and very dense that accompanies a very persistent finish characterized by a pleasant tannic sensation.


Brilliant amber


Astringent, elegant, charming, persistent and with elegant and pleasant tannins


Intense, full, dynamic, with aromas of jam, caramelized cedar, walnut and spices