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'Amara' Amaro di Arancia Rossa - 50cl

'Amara' Amaro di Arancia Rossa - 50cl


Amara is an original and innovative Sicilian bitter, made from high quality blood oranges from the slopes of Etna. It smells of citrus fruits, roots, orange blossom and aromatic herbs and the taste is pleasant, fresh, balanced and bitter. Excellent as a digestive or for the preparation of aperitifs and unique cocktails with a Mediterranean character



Alcohol content

30 %


50 cl Bottle


"Amara" is a Red Orange Amaro born from the desire of Edoardo Strano and Giuseppe Librizzi, young Sicilians and friends eager to share the enchantment of their land with the world. The star ingredient is the red-orange, carefully selected and processed using artisanal methods, allowing the peel to infuse with other elements. The result is a young and contemporary Amaro that expresses the territory with perfect Mediterranean scents. It's an extremely versatile bottle, carrying the beauty of the Sicilian landscape.

The Amaro originates from an ingredient that represents one of the excellences of the Sicilian territory, namely the red-orange, selected in the municipality of Misterbianco, where, thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil, it grows, offering a truly superb final quality of the fruits. The peels of these oranges are infused with alcohol, sugar, and aromatic herbs without the use of additives. This gives rise to a bottle that encapsulates the purest soul of Sicily.

"Amara" Red Orange Amaro presents a deep golden yellow colour, enriched with shades leaning towards copper and red. The nose opens with obvious citrus notes, enriched, however, with spicy and floral touches that enhance the breadth of an interesting bouquet, where aromatic herbs also find their space at the end. The palate is generous and ample, of medium body, where a pleasant citrus and fresh vein emerges, while on the finish, a bitter taste is appreciated. An authentically Sicilian distillate with a modern and convivial profile, perfect as a digestif – to be enjoyed cold – or as an element to mix within unique aperitifs or after-dinner drinks.


Intense golden yellow, with red and coppery tints


Rich, intense, pleasant, fresh, citrusy and bitter


Citrusy and spicy, of blood orange, orange blossom, roots and aromatic herbs