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Amaro Farmily

Amaro Farmily

Farmily Spirits

Amaro Farmily is a "Botanical Bitter" produced from totally natural herbs and spices. It offers aromas of rhubarb, medicinal herbs, orange peel, toasted hints and mentholated memories. Wide, rich and intense, it is a perfect digestive to sip after dinner or to mix to obtain original cocktails




Pinot Nero 85%, other local red grape varieties 15%

Alcohol content

28 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at a controlled temperature


6 months in oak barriques



Amaro Farmily is a label that is part of the Farmily Classic range of this young Milanese company, which offers high-quality versions of the most famous traditional liqueurs. It is a product intended not only for bartenders but, above all, for the general public looking for a bitter made exclusively with natural ingredients. It is the choice of those who prefer artisanal liqueurs made in small batches and treated with passion to the industrial productions of the world's most popular brands. Excellent to enjoy neat or on the rocks after dinner or to use as an ingredient in the preparation of refined cocktails and long drinks.

Farmily Amaro is made according to the oldest traditional methods. It is a creation of a small company, born from the passion of a few Milanese bartenders, who decided to pool their experience to create a line of premium liqueurs and spirits. A particularly careful selection of raw materials is at the basis of the processing. Only natural botanicals are used to guarantee an absolutely authentic taste, without any synthetic flavourings, colourings or additives. The recipe mainly uses rhubarb, gentian, roasted coffee beans, cocoa beans, bitter orange peel and peppermint. The herbs are processed with hydro-alcoholic infusions to favour the complete extraction of the aromas. This is followed by final blending, adding water to lower the alcohol content and sugar to attenuate the bittering nuances of certain botanicals.

Amaro Farmily is the choice of those who desire a liqueur of great expressive purity and low alcohol content, which allows the quality of the botanicals to be appreciated. To the eye, it is a rather dark brown colour with mahogany highlights. The olfactory picture is particularly broad and rich, with aromas of bitter cocoa beans, rhubarb, hints of medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, soft spices and balsamic nuances of peppermint. The entry on the palate is warm and soft, with very intense and complex aromas, which give an enveloping, dense, harmonious and well-balanced taste, with a long and very persistent finish, closing on pleasantly bitter sensations.


Intense dark


Complex, balsamic, intense and of great aromatic richness, with menthol shades


Notes of cocoa, spices, medicinal herbs, rhubarb, aromatic herbs and balsamic hints