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Barbera d'Asti 'Tasmorcan' Elio Perrone 2023
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Barbera d'Asti 'Tasmorcan' Elio Perrone 2023

Perrone Elio

Barbera d’Asti “Tasmorcan” is very typical and territorial red wine, with a pleasant, smooth and fresh character. After about 4 months of ageing in big oak barrels and barriques, it expresses aromas of red fruits, cherries, flowers and delicate oriental spices. The taste is vigorous, round, rich, intense and very fresh




Barbera d'Asti DOCG


Barbera 100%


Alcohol content

14.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing and fermentation in steel tanks


4 months in big oak barrels and, for 30%, in French barriques

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


This Barbera d'Asti "Tasmorcan" is a wine conceived and designed by Elio Perrone to tell the story of the fruity and exuberant notes of the starting grape variety, Barbera. Elegance, style and measure are adjectives that lend themselves well in describing this label where aromas and tastes move with the lightness of simplicity. A bottle that does not want to bind itself to clichés, not even to aesthetic ones, and is therefore presented with a bottle with a very particular silhouette. Cheeses and cured meats, along with traditional Piedmontese stuffed pastas and red and white meat main courses are the pairings that testify to the great versatility of this Barbera.

"Tasmorcan" comes from those vineyards located near Isola d'Asti, more precisely in the hamlet of Mongovone. After the grapes are crushed, the must ferments in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Subsequent aging takes two paths: 70% of the mass matures in 25-hectoliter oak barrels, while the remaining 30% ages in French oak barriques, for a total of 4 months. In the early spring following the harvest, the Elio Perrone winery team proceeds with bottling.

"Tasmorcan" Barbera d'Asti reveals itself to the eye with a ruby color, concentrated and endowed with a beautiful intensity. The nose is enveloped in a texture of mainly fruity scents, enriched by a slight spiciness from which oriental references emerge. On the palate it is medium-bodied, with a full and rounded sip, characterized by a fresh and intense taste. A free, expressive and smiling bottle that fully reflects Elio Perrone's production philosophy.


Intense ruby red


Round, intense, smooth and juicy, with a rich freshness


Very fruity with fine spices, of wild berries, cherries, black cherries, red flowers and delicate oriental spices