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Bitter DelMago - 50cl

Bitter DelMago - 50cl


DelMago's Bitter is an ideal aperitif liquor created by chef Marcello Trentino. It has a typically bitter and aromatic profile, with notes of rhubarb, cascarilla, citrus hints and sweet and spicy spices. The sip is velvety and rich. of great softness with a right bitter note. Excellent in purity, but also an ideal cocktail ingredient, such as Negroni!




Nebbiolo 100%

Alcohol content

25 %


50 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Water, sugar, alcohol, natural flavouring, colouring agents E122, E102


Alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks with maceration on the skins for 28 days and malolactic fermentation


36 months in oak barrels, then 6 months in bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Bitter DelMago is a brilliant creation from the Spiriti Assoluti collection of this recent brand in the panorama of Italian spirits and liqueurs, the result of an initiative by chef Marcello Trentini. Bitter stems from the very ancient tradition of preparing elixirs and infusions of herbs and spices, which initially had a primarily medicinal or digestive purpose and were then transformed over the centuries into drinks linked to pure hedonistic pleasure. The history of the Italian Bitter is inextricably linked to the city of Milan, and the Campari brand, which launched its version back in 1860, is still today the protagonist of the aperitif ritual.

DelMago Bitter offers the purest essence and authentic taste of this great classic of Italian tradition. An aperitif par excellence, it has always been loved by those who prefer the decisive and deep dry flavour without concessions to easy sweetness and is distinguished by its intense and rich profile, accompanied by a velvety and harmonious sip. It comes from a careful search for the best botanicals, including cinchona, rhubarb, spices, citrus peel, cassio wood and artemisia flowers. The processing follows artisanal processes, with a patient and lengthy cold infusions and macerations, which allow all the fragrances and aromas to be extracted. Afterwards, the final blending is carried out in order to create the right balance of taste and the original flavour of the label.

Bitter DelMago is a splendid artisanal version of a great classic. It is the ideal choice for those who love tradition revisited in a sign of elegance and excellence. In the glass, it has a beautiful, intense ruby red colour with brilliant reflections. The olfactory picture is fascinating and refined, with a bouquet that offers fragrant citrus scents of bitter orange peel, rhubarb, artemisia, medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, hints of soft spices, coriander, cardamom, nuances of bark, noble woods and cinchona. On the palate, it offers an aromatically complex and deep, rich and harmonious taste that anticipates a dry and very persistent finish, marked by pleasant and characteristic bitter notes.


Bright and intense red ruby


Bitter, velvety, soft and with a good aroma


Notes of cinchona, rhubarb, coriander, cardamom, hints of sweet spices and citrus peel