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Boca Sergio Barbaglia 2018
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Boca Sergio Barbaglia 2018

Barbaglia Sergio

The Boca by Sergio Barbaglia is made from Nebbiolo and Vespolina grapes grown in the Novara Hills area. It is a full-bodied and intense red wine, assertive and generous, austere and robust, savory and harmonious. Aging for 24 months in oak barrels makes it a great wine, absolutely able to compete with Barbaresco and Barolo

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Boca DOC


Nebbiolo 80%, Vespolina 20%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


24 months in oak barrels, then 12 months in bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Boca "Antico Borgo dei Cavalli" by Sergio Barbaglia is a clear example of great wines from Piedmont; another facet of Nebbiolo that here, in the north of Piedmont, offers one of the most successful wines in recent years. We are in Cavallirio, near Gattinara and Ghemme, in the hilly area is located near the Mount Fenera, where the Sesia Valley takes its birth and gives us a fantastic view, with Monte Rosa to dominate every view.

And here, in 1946, Mario Barbaglia decided to turn their passion; armed with a bicycle began to introduce his wines in neighboring countries and, year after year, has increased the appreciation and interest in its reality. A winery that stands on the accuracy, the dedication, the meticulousness; skills, all of these, that are in Sergio, Mario's son, accompanied on this trip by his daughter Silvia, all charisma, creativity and innovation. Together, Sergio and Silvia, are a perfect couple: two great winelovers and their great wine, now widely recognized as one of the best Boca. Born on soils rich in minerals, it brings to the palate a distinct sapidity and freshness

That of Sergio Barbaglia is a Boca of overflowing personality, original and strong; it will delight you with its generosity, its freshness, and its density. You have to wait, it opens slowly, but this is its dowry: be generous with those who appreciate it. And to those who are able to wait it brings out hints of spice, mint, alpine herbs. Want more? This is Boca, the essence of Sergio Barbaglia and his daughter Silvia.


Ruby red with garnet hues


Austere, robust and important and balanced


Pleasant notes of purple and violet, with a finish of spices, mint and alpine herbs