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Jute Bottlebag Callmewine

Jute Bottlebag Callmewine

Are you about to gift a beautiful bottle of wine to a friend? Callmewine's signature Jute bag is a safe, practical and beautiful packaging that combines aesthetics and functionality, and tahnks to the durable material it is made of, it can be used over and over again!




75 cl Bottle


Callmewine's jute bottle bag is one of your personal sommelier gadgets that you can use as often as you like. It is a very useful accessory for transporting wine bottles in a practical and safe way.

Jute, in fact, is a textile fibre originating in southern Asia known and appreciated for its great resistance, as well as being a sustainable material, being 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Its resistance makes it the ideal material for the creation of this bottle bag, which facilitates the transport of wine without the risk of bottles breaking during transport. It can also serve as packaging for when you want to give a beautiful bottle to a friend or family member, enriching the gift with a pretty and functional gadget, ideal for transporting the finest wines.