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Catarratto Barraco 2022
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Catarratto Barraco 2022


Barraco's Catarratto is a medium-bodied white wine with good aromatic complexity, aged in steel for 10 months. Aromas of citrus, yellow flowers and nutmeg are integrated in a soft texture of pleasant salinity




Terre Siciliane IGT


Catarratto 100%


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


8 months in steel vats

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Macerated on grape peel, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Barraco's Catarratto is the synthesis of two particularities of the Mediterranean wine scene. The first is the grape variety that composes it, Catarratto. A grape that has been a protagonist of Sicilian wine history since ancient times, capable of giving this exceptional and luminous wine its typical straw colour with golden reflections that hints at the sensory softness of its aromatic nuances. The sweetness of fruit and broom are pleasantly balanced on the nose by the spices combined with the lively mineral notes derived from the dark soils, rich in organic substances, on which the Catarratto vines grow at the height of 120 meters above sea level and located in the Marsala area.

The second peculiarity of Catarratto is the wine artisan, Nino Barraco, who accompanies and does not shape the birth of his wines from the vineyard to the cellar. This revolutionary producer curates wine according to what is his philosophy of life, learned by following a personal path marked by the desire to change the Sicilian agricultural reality, steeped in social imbalances. An icon of passion and spontaneity, so are his wines.

After a degree in political science, not to mention a passion for macro photography, Nino Barraco has come to understand how the search for perfection, even in wine, has no utility. Perfection exists in nature and is constantly before our eyes. "It is hidden in the every day, in times and things," he reveals. This is how he decides to produce his wines with organic methods so as to preserve the real essence of nature and to allow free expression to the terroir of his vineyards and the grapes they donate. Nino Barraco has succeeded again, this time with his Catarratto.


Intense straw yellow


Lively and elegant, complex and intriguing, with a pleasant salinity


Intense and elegant, with hints of yellow flowers and citrus fruit, smoky notes, sulfur and nutmeg