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Fiano 'Gaia' Cantina Giardino 2021

Fiano 'Gaia' Cantina Giardino 2021

Cantina Giardino

The Fiano "Gaia" from Cantina Giardino is a wine made from old vines and of ancient memory. Intense and complex on the nose, with gentle fruity and floral notes, of very ripe peach, and slightly spicy on the finish.Linear and immediate on the palate, digrande structure, nice acidity and well-integrated alcohol note, closes on citrus and sweet notes in the aftertaste

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Campania IGT


Fiano 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration on the skins for 4 days, alcoholic fermentation with natural yeasts in different oak and other wood casks No sulphites added and unfiltered


1/3 in mulberry barrels and 2/3 in chestnut barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Cantina Giardino's Fiano "Gaia" is a white wine that stems from this young winery's project aimed at reclaiming old, abandoned vineyards to bring to light a history made up of years of craftsmanship and distant times from which to draw good practices. Vicissitudes that enrich those who want to approach this narrative in liquid form, not only to go deep into time but also to delve into the complexity of taste and aroma of wines like this. Experience with and through wine!

Some Fiano vines reach as much as 100 years of age and stand on a clayey arenaceous type of soil with limestone particles. In the winery, only the craft of wine-making reigns: only wooden barrels, steel and concrete, no technology or use of esoteric techniques. Specifically, with regard to Fiano "Gaia," the grapes, once they reach the winery, undergo maceration in contact with the skins for 4 days and, immediately afterwards, are manually pressed with a press. The fermentation is spontaneous and lasts 3 months on the fine lees in traditional casks. Ageing continues within the same containers, on fine lees, for 12 monthsNo filtrations, clarifications or additions of sulfur take place.

Fiano "Gaia" fills the glass with a dense straw yellow with no oxidation defects. We are in the presence of a wine that immediately positions itself on the wavelength of the taster's emotions. The nose breathes truth; it is characterizing, vegetal scents of Mediterranean scrub, ash, citrus peel and ripe fruit sensations are perceived. The sip is disruptivefrom the vibrant freshness that quenches the palate and the intriguing savoriness. It flows in a straightforward manner, is assertive and with balanced retro-olfactory sensations. Enoculture!


Pale yellow, thick but not oxidized


Linear and immediate, with great structure, good acidity and hint of alcohol well integrated, it closes on citrus notes, sweet aftertaste


Intense and complex gentle fruity and floral notes, peach very ripe, slightly spicy in the final