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Gewurztraminer 'Selection de Grains Nobles' Aimé Stentz 2017 - 50cl

Gewurztraminer 'Selection de Grains Nobles' Aimé Stentz 2017 - 50cl

Aimé Stentz

The Gewurztraminer "Selection de Grains Nobles" by Aimé Stentz is a creamy and sweet wine made only in the best years when the grapes are attacked by noble rot. The sip is long, delicious and dense, with a persuasive harmony and an intense body, enriched with a sweet bouquet of honey, candied fruit, dried fruit and sweet spices

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Alsace AOC


Gewurztraminer 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


50 cl Bottle


From the best grapes selected and attacked by Botrytis Cinerea. Fermentation at controlled temperature


12 months in wood barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Gewurztraminer 'Selection de Grains Nobles' from Aimé Stentz is an Alsatian wine produced only in the best vintages. It is a late harvest Gewurztraminer, which is the result of a careful selection of individual berries attacked by Botrytis Cinerea, the famous noble rot, which helps to dehydrate the grapes, enriching them with complex aromatic notes and the typical, pleasant musty nuances. It is a smooth wine with a persuasive taste, characterised by intense, dense aromas reminiscent of candied fruit, honeyed and delicately spiced sensations. It is excellent served with dry pastries and should be tried with a board of mature and blue cheeses.

The Gewurztraminer wine 'Selection de Grains Nobles' is a precious Alsatian label dedicated to all lovers of sweet wines. The Domaine Aimé Stentz is a family-run winery of very ancient origins, which for many generations has cultivated an estate of around 14 hectares, with fine vines grown in the Grand Cru of Rosenberg, Steingrübler, Hengst and Sommerberg. The vineyards are worked according to the rules of organic farming, and the wines represent the best customs of the region. The tradition of late harvests stems from a particularly favourable climate. The mild autumns, characterised by the presence of morning humidity and sunny days, favour the natural development of the Botrytis Cinerea, an indispensable element for making extraordinary mildew wines. These are extremely rare conditions, limited to certain areas of the world and occurring in the most favourable vintages. It is a precious and rare wine, a true connoisseur's delight.

The white Gewurztraminer 'Selection de Grains Nobles' from Aimé Stentz is a wine that perfectly expresses the great Alsatian tradition of producing sweet late-harvest wines. The vines are cultivated on terrain consisting of fine limestone-clayey marl. The grapes are left in the vineyard well past their ripening time and are only harvested when noble rot develops on the berries. After the manual selection of the grapes, a slow, temperature-controlled fermentation occurs. Before bottling, the wine matures for 12 months in wooden barrels. In the glass, it has a brilliant golden-yellow colour. The nose is reminiscent of citrus peel, dehydrated apricot, candied fruit, hints of tropical fruit, soft honeyed nuances, and hints of vanilla and oriental spices. The sip is ample, rich and enveloping, with dense, suave aromas and a harmonious, persistent finish.


Gold yellow


Persuasive, harmonious, full-bodied and smooth


Notes of acacia honey, citrus jam, sweet spices, vanilla, candied fruit and dried fruit