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BUGIN Turin Food Gin

BUGIN Turin Food Gin


Bugin Turin Food Gin is a Compound Gin that was created to be combined with cuts of red meat. Ideal for mixing for a classic Gin & Tonic, it is also used as an ingredient for cooking or for marinating meats. A unique and singular proposal born from the idea of Mauro Schiavo, butcher and barman, who combined his passions to create an Italian Gin that overturns the classic tradition of combining a red wine with meat menus. With aromatic, balsamic and slightly floral notes, it has a dry and intense taste



Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle


The Gin Italian Dry Bugin is an unusual and original label in the panorama of Italian distillates. It is rightfully part of the trend of gins with a territorial character, made using local botanicals to emphasise its typicality and deep bond with the place of production. It was born in Piedmont and faithfully expressed the perfumes and aromas of the flora of this land. But Piedmont is also a region of great meats, and Gin was born from the passion for distillates of a butcher, who decided to create a label that could also match and accompany the great cuts of Fassona at the table for a unique taste experience.

Italian Dry Bugin is a Gin inspired by the ancient Piedmontese tradition of cattle breeding right from the choice of name. The term Bugin derives from 'bocin', which in dialect means calf. Mauro Schiavo began to elaborate his idea of Gin with the noble cuts of Fassona veal in mind. From this suggestion began a phase of study and research of botanicals to find the right aromatic blend. The final recipe is made up of nine ingredients: juniper, genepy, arquebuse, artemisia, thyme, yarrow, angelica, tanaceto and zedoaria, all sourced from the hills and area of the Piedmontese Alps. The production involves the individual distillation of certain botanicals to enhance their aromatic components. The process uses a bain-marie still, allowing perfect temperature control. The final blend matures for a month in stainless steel tanks and is bottled after filtration.

Italian Dry Bugin Gin is a distillate that is particularly suitable for use in cooking due to its characteristic profile. Its herbal aromas go wonderfully well with meat. It is excellent to use for marinades or even for nuance cooking. Purists will appreciate it neat, with giacchio, or in a fragrant Gin & Tonic. Pure and clear, it is absolutely transparent and crystal clear. The olfactory picture is intense and elegant, characterised above all by the presence of intense aromas of aromatic and officinal herbs, among which thyme stands out in particular, accompanied by delicate floral nuances, balsamic and spicy hints, enveloped in the typical fragrance of juniper berries. The entry on the palate is warm and soft, with a very rich and deep aromatic breath accompanying a long and very persistent finish.




Dry, intense, persistent and with a good aroma


Intense notes of aromatic herbs, including thyme, floral sensations and pleasant minty nuances