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Gin Camugin 'Sciacchetrà' - 50cl

Gin Camugin 'Sciacchetrà' - 50cl


Camugin Schiacchetrà is a limited edition Gin Compound that is made with the addition of the Cinque Terre's iconic raisin wine, Sciacchetrà. The nose smells of notes of chestnut honey and golden apple, with a pleasant nuance of dried grapes and sweet spices. The sip shows a pleasant softness and a pleasant residual sugar

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Alcohol content

40 %


50 cl Bottle


Camugin's Gin 'Sciacchetrà' is a Ligurian product originating in Camogli on the beautiful Eastern Riviera. In 1960, the Revello family founded a restaurant business where they invented Gli Originali Camogliesi al Rum, a traditional local dessert. As the years went by, Umberto Revello picked up the family heritage, treasuring the teachings of his grandfather and father. In 2020, he created CamuGin, inspired by the soul and scents of Ligurian villages: sea salt, thyme and marjoram. Also particular is the shape of the bottle, which is elegant and formal.

The name of Camugin's Gin 'Sciacchetrà' comes from the Genoese name used to refer to the village of Camogli, in the dialect 'camóggi', meaning 'houses in piles'. The botanicals used are juniper, Sciacchetrà DOC from the Litan winery, chestnut honey and annurca apple, an original mix that gives a product with rare characteristics.

The colour of Camugin's Gin 'Sciacchetrà' is an intense golden yellow with brilliant reflections; on the nose, there are hints of honey, sultanas, dried fruit and hints of sweet spices. On the palate, it is round, soft and enveloping with a tendentially sweet finish. Perfect in mixology in combination with good tonic water to create Gin Tonic with unexpected flavours and enjoy an authentic and genuine cocktail that takes your mind on a journey.


Golden yellow


Round, soft, smooth, pleasantly sweet


Sweet nuances of honey, raisins and dried fruits, apple tea fruit sensations and spicy touches