Marco De Bartoli

A wine legend in the warm and sunny lands of Marsala and Pantelleria

De Bartoli winery was born in 1978, when the young Marco, with a degree in agronomy and a passion for racing cars, replaces the mother Josephine in the conduct of the estate Samperi, where for two centuries had cultivated grapes for the production of Marsala. The company is in decline, the Marsala wine is no longer appreciated by consumers, so Marco decided to stake everything on high quality and to change his method of production. It's always the grape Grillo to be used, but Marco adopts the ancient process called soleras, introduced in Sicily by Benjamin Ingham in 1812: that is to mix in precise doses a small part of the new vintages to the old one, so as to obtain a balanced and harmonious wine, with unique and incomparable flavor. It’s Marco himself to carry around Italy his collection, his blend Vecchio Samperi, that charms and conquers all and is recognized as the ne plus ultra of Marsala. In 1983 Marco produces the Marsala Superiore, wine aged in oak barrels and made sweet by the addition of mistelle obtained from a blend of grapes Inzolia and acquavite. On the island of Pantelleria Marco buys a damuso of 700 and five hectares of vineyards in an area called Bukkuram, which in Arabic means father of the vineyard, due to its particular vocation to the production of grapes Zibibbo. In 1984 Marco launches his extraordinary Passito in which he gave the name of Bukkuram: a success! Tenacity, skill and love for their land make Marco De Bartoli one of the most prestigious producers of Sicily.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
120.000 bt
Renato e Sebastiano De Bartoli
Marco De Bartoli, Contrada Fornara Samperi, 292 - 91025 Marsala (TP)
The Wines by Marco De Bartoli