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Jean Hu

A family of artisans expresses the savoir-faire of a centuries-old tradition
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1948
Vineyard hectares 9
Address Les Epinons - 51700 - Vincelles (France)

Champagne Jean Hû is an artisanal family business. The beginnings of activity in the vineyard are marked by a series of pitfalls, specifically meteorological, that force Jean to engage in double work, being able to devote himself to the grapes only when he returns home in the evenings and on his days off. After a decade or so of tiring years, helped tirelessly by his wife Pierrette, he managed to aggregate a number of plots to cultivate, and by 1943 he could devote himself completely to his passion, beginning to market his own Champagnes in 1948. In the late 1970s he was joined by his son Christian, with whom he shared the idea of the importance of caring for the vines. With Christian's wife Brigitte joining the company, the years of technical innovations are ushered in: the installation of the new pressing center in 1991 and the enlargement of the cellar in 2003. Likewise comes a turn on the commercial side, with participation in Champagne shows and more direct and personal communication about their work. Management is now in the hands of a new generation, represented by daughter Aurelie with her husband Louis.

Domaine Jean Hû is installed on the commune of Vincelles, in the Vallée de la Marne region and a short distance from the border with the Aisne department. The territory is that of the rive droite of the Marne, between the villages of Epernay and Dormans, with the plots facing south and facing the course of the river, lying on elevations within 200 meters above sea level, where the edge of the forest begins. The soils and soils are quite varied in nature, tending to be characterized by sandy and clayey compositions, with the presence of marls and inserts of a calcareous nature from different geological eras. Here begins the reign of Meunier, which actually figures as the variety most bred by the Hû family, covering about 74 percent of the estate's 9 hectares. The 30 different estate plots are complemented by 17% Chardonnay and a 9% Pinot Noir. Harvests are conducted manually, and the agronomic approach follows the line of reasoned pest management.

The processing of Jean Hû Champagnes involves direct pressing of the 4,000-pound taille of grapes in the typical vertical press and fermentations in steel tanks. Malo-lactic fermentation is normally carried out completely and bottling is preceded by filtration, while clarification is not performed. Stops on the lees last from a minimum of 18 months to the 10-year aging of the vintage.