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Elisabetta Abrami

A courageous producer from Franciacorta
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2006
Vineyard hectares 17
Annual production 50.000 bt
Address Elisabetta Abrami, Via Fosche, 5, 25050 Provaglio d'Iseo BS

The Elisabetta Abrami Winery, founded in 2005, represents a perfect blend of tradition and innovation in the wine landscape of Franciacorta, an area known for its rich wine history. Located between the municipalities of Provaglio d'Iseo, Passirano, and Paderno Franciacorta, the winery is surrounded by vineyards that contribute to creating distinctive and high-quality wines, where the choice to cultivate following organic principles demonstrates the winery's commitment to sustainability and responsible production. The decision to focus on Pinot Noir further testifies to the commitment to excellence and to best express the unique characteristics of the territory.

The success of Cantina Abrami Elisabetta is the result of constant dedication, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. With a property of 17 hectares, meticulous selection of cultivation sites, such as the vineyards of "Redigoli" and "Dossi," and careful vineyard management, the production is of the highest quality. There are also other key elements that contribute to the implementation of sustainable and valuable practices, such as manual harvesting of grapes at the right degree of ripeness and low production for each vine.

The production philosophy of Cantina Elisabetta Abrami is reflected in its wines, all linked by the common thread of organic farming. The collection includes labels ranging from Franciacorta Brut to Blanc de Noir vintage extra brut, as well as other prestigious reserves. These wines, defined as natural for their production, capture the authentic essence of the territory, celebrating the Pinot Noir throughout, which is predominant in various blends and gives structure and complexity to the wines, making them ideal for bold gastronomic pairings. The complete control of the production chain, from vineyard management to the cellar, results in the production of unique and unforgettable wines that reflect the love and dedication of the producer.

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