Foss Marai

Territoriality, excellence and quality: a must from Valdobbiadene

Foss Marai is certainly one of the essential names in the context of Prosecco. This is a far-sighted and ambitious winery, which has decided to focus strongly on the quality and elegance. In this way, Foss Marai has earned numerous appreciations and a starring role in the Italian wine scene. Marai is nothing more than the name of a valley in the area of Guia, where is the headquarters of the winery, in a beautiful hillside covered with vineyards of Prosecco. Nearly a hundred years after its foundation, the current owner Carlo Biasiotto continues to invest with conviction on the road of quality and elegance, like the sophisticated design of the bottles. The goal of the winery is to maintain a close relationship with modernity, but without submitting to the fashions, using the traditional base as essential in order to progress into the future. So Foss Marai is now considered one of the most appreciated and respected, with a proposal for a Prosecco and Cartizze. And given the ambitious goal that stands on the homepage of the company website "Constantly improve all our products. Never not settle with the results." we are confident that the quality of these bottles will continue to grow and that the name Foss Marai will remain for a long time in the elite of Italian wine.


Main Wines
Prosecco, Cartizze
Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Year production
2.000.000 bt
Fabio Men
Foss Marai, Strada di Guia, 109 - 31049 Guia, Valdobbiadene (TV)
Foss Marai's Prosecco