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Scala Nevio

A second half full of goals: from the football field to the vineyard
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1974
Vineyard hectares 6.1
Annual production 35.000 bt
Address Via Saline, 47 - 35034 Lozzo Atestino (PD)

Yes indeed, it's him, it's Nevio Scala! The man who achieved great success on the football field, first as a player and then, above all, as a coach, with the great Parma of the 1990s, winning at home and achieving memorable victories in Europe and around the world as well. After many balls kicked and numerous trophies raised, the whistle finally blew at the end of the first half of Nevio Scala's career, allowing him to enjoy a second half away from the synthetic pitches and more in touch with nature.

Nevio Scala began to live in the Lozzo Atestino countryside, at the foot of the Euganean Hills. He revived his family winery, right there in the land where he grew up and was educated, focusing on organic farming and the methodical enhancement of the surrounding environment. The agricultural techniques do not involve any use of synthetic products, the soil is naturally enriched with nutrients thanks to green manure and the cultivation of legumes and grasses, and the reforestation of the surrounding areas continues to flourish. The volcanic and alluvial soils are home to typical local grapes such as Garganega, Malvasia Istriana, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, as well as the older, historic Turchetta, Recantina, Pataresca and Corbinona, which were recovered and replanted in 2018. Biodiversity is very much a part of Nevio Scala's lifestyle, with part of the land dedicated to the 200 olive trees that have been in production for five years at an altitude of 150 metres.

Nevio Scala is the perfect representative of the wines that bear his name: his wise and sincere eyes, never tired, reflect a life lived intensely. Memorable experiences and unforgettable goals are expressed in the playful joviality of the Gargànte wine, in the savoury sip of the Dilètto and in the ancient tales that are still being told of the orange Còntame. These eyes are certainly convinced that no place will ever be as welcoming and warm as the land of birth.

Today Nevio Scala is finally playing at home after having appeared on pitches all over the world... What surprises will the next 90 minutes bring?

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