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Couche Vincent

When the champagne flows from the vine: biodynamics in the Côte de Bars
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Vineyard hectares 13
Address 29 Grande Rue - 10110 Buxeuil

Vincent Couche represents the third generation of a family of winemakers in the Champagne reason, in Buxeuil, in the heart of the Côte de Bars. The traditional, non-interventionist and strictly biodynamic approach allows Vincent to produce Champagnes that, instead of remaining faithful to a standardized taste each year, best express all the particularities of the terroir.

Vincent Couche cultivates 10 hectares planted in Pinot Noir in Buxeuil and another 3 hectares of Chardonnay in the village of Montgueux, characterized by chalk-rich soil. Slightly higher temperatures than in other areas of Champagne and humidity due to the presence of the Seine River ensure that the grapes ripen fully and develop greater aromatic complexity. The conversion of the vineyards to biodynamic agriculture, begun in 2008, was the culmination of a search for balance and excellence and stems from the love this small vigneron devotes to his vineyard: "When I am with her my heart exults. She speaks to me. And I rejoice in this silent and passionate conversation." In the cellar as in the vineyard Vincent prefers to intervene as little as possible: fermentations take place in tanks or in barrels, without the addition of sulfites.

Vincent Couche's Champagnes are born from the vineyard, as Vincent very suggestively explains, "In the intimacy of the cellar, he expresses his best aromas and gets dressed for the big day. With a sigh of satisfaction it exhales and is reborn shortly thereafter into a new day, more seductive than ever." All that remains then is to experience the secrets of this seduction, the wonder of these Champagnes.

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