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Remy Massin

Great Champagne from Cote des Bar
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1974
Vineyard hectares 20
Address Champagne Remy Massin, 34 Gr Grande Rue, 10110 Ville-sur-Arce, Francia

Maison Rémy Massin is located in Ville-sur-Arce, in the heart of the Côte des Bar, the southernmost area of the Champagne region. Although it was founded only in 1974, it can count on the experience of no less than five generations of vignerons. Before they began bottling on their own, the Massin family sold grapes to other local producers, until Rémy decided to enhance the domaine's heritage. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the terroir and experience in the vineyard, in a short time Rémy Massin came up with an interesting range of labels that immediately caught the attention of wine lovers for their originality and excellence.

The domaine Rémy Massin covers 22 hectares in the initial part of the vallée de l'Arce, with vineyards cultivated on gentle sunny slopes, facing south and southeast. The vines have an average age of 30 years and are rooted in limestone-clay soils of the kimméridgien, which are a natural extension of the Chablis area. The area is particularly suited to Pinot Noir, which covers 75% of the estate, while the rest is planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. Agronomic management is carried out with respect for the natural environment, without the use of herbicides, with the intention of preserving the natural balance and vitality of the soils and ecosystem. The grassed inter-rows promote biodiversity and the management of the vines with short pruning and low yields allows grapes of excellent quality to ripen.

Rémy Massin Champagnes are the fruit of an ancient savoir-faire based on customs and knowledge passed down from generation to generation through the centuries. Separate vinifications of individual plots, allows a wide range of vins clairs to be available for making the cuvées. In addition, the Maison has a valuable stock of reserve wines from previous vintages, which are expertly used to make the sans année labels. The Rémy Massin philosophy is based on very long aging on the lees, ranging from 3 to 10 years, in order to obtain mature and complex Champagnes.