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Gin 'Coca Leaf Red' Amuerte

Gin 'Coca Leaf Red' Amuerte


Amuerte "Red" is a Gin made from classic botanicals with the addition of Peruvian coca leaves and the precious Pineberry, an ancient variety of white strawberry with red seeds free from the typical allergen of the common strawberry. Elegant, unique and of great harmony, it is characterized by exotic aromas, hints of red berries and a light herbaceous trail released by the coca leaves





Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Amuerte 'Coca Leaf Red' Gin is a brand created in Belgium by two young enthusiasts who have a long family background in distillation. It is a label characterised by the use of two very special ingredients: the rare white strawberry Pineberry and Peruvian coca leaves. Together, they contribute to giving the distillate fruity nuances and a typical vegetal connotation. The gin is also distinguished by its choice of very special packaging. The red bottle, with its macabre skull image, was created by Latin American designers Havi Cruz and Adrian Domìnguez. It is hand-designed and embellished with gold foil decoration.

Coca Leaf Red' is a Gin from the Amuerte distillery with a unique recipe. For the production of the gin, a selection of botanicals chosen during trips all over the world is used, in order to find the right aromatic, original and harmonious mix. At the basis of the distillate are juniper, cardamom, coriander, Sichuan pepper, tamarillo, oranges, red pepper, papaya, South American dragon fruit, Peruvian physalis, finger lime and pineberry. To these ingredients are added coca leaves harvested in the Peruvian forests and generally used by Indios as a medicine and invigorant to alleviate physical fatigue at high altitudes. The aromatic principles of the botanicals are extracted through a slow process of infusion in an alcoholic solution, then distilled in traditional stills. During this phase, the coca leaves lose their active ingredient, but leave the distillate with precious herbaceous and slightly bitter plant aromas, which characterise its bouquet in an original way.

The 'Coca Leaf Red' Gin, made by the Amuerte distillery, is a bottle dedicated to enthusiasts in search of novelty, of a Gin that breaks away from the classic profile of so many products with a somewhat standardised taste. In the glass it is absolutely transparent, crystal clear and brilliant in colour. The olfactory profile is characterised by a bouquet that expresses delicate and intriguing scents of small red berries, intense and fragrant aromas of wild strawberries, tropical fruit, delicate sensations of oriental spices, subtle herbaceous scents of coca leaves, on a balsamic undertone, dominated by a pleasant note of juniper. The entry on the palate is warm, soft and persuasive, with a harmonious flavour and a suave sweetness of tropical fruit, making the sip elegant and satisfying. The finish is fresh and balanced, with a return to vegetal sensations.




Round, elegant and very balanced, with herbaceous and tropical notes


Notes of wild strawberry, red berries, spices and herbaceous nuances