Gin Pure Organic Engine - 50cl

The Gin Engine is made from only Italian organic ingredients, including sage and lemon and other botanicals from the Langhe, using the compound distillation method with delicate distillation. This elegant, fine, pleasant and delicate distillate is enclosed in a tin that pays homage to the world of engines

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Wheat alcohol with Langer botanical maceration such as juniper, licorice root, damask rose, flowers, Liguria sage and lemon zest from Amalfi Coast
Alcohol content
Bottle size
50 cl Bottle - no original package

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Gin Goblet
Gin Goblet

The goblet for the Gin is tall and narrow to reduce the contact area and concentrate the flavor profile in a most suitable area for the nose

Enginne Gin description

Colour Crystal clear

Scent Delicate and pleasant, with subtle nuances of white flowers, juniper, sage and aromatic herbs

Taste Smooth, delicate, light, floral, fresh and subtle

producer: Engine

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Origine Snc, Piazza della Libertà 21 - 17100 Cengio (SV)