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Gin Etsu

Gin Etsu

Distilleria Asahikawa

Gin "Etsu" is produced in the region of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, from a selection of local botanicals (berries, tea, flowers ..), including the Yuzu citrus. The sip is clean and pure, with great character and freshness, with pleasant floral and citrus notes in evidence on a spicy and herbaceous background




Ortrugo 100%


Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel vats and second fermentation according to the Charmat method


"Etsu" Gin is a Japanese label crafted by the renowned Asahikawa distillery. It offers a taste of the extraordinary art of distillation from the Land of the Rising Sun, refined for centuries in the production of Sake. This ancient tradition, coupled with a meticulous selection of botanicals, has resulted in a bottle that exudes refined, expressive finesse characterized by delicate floral, citrusy, and spicy notes. It is an elegant Gin, perfect for savouring neatness, fully allowing you to appreciate its extraordinary purity.

"Etsu" is a Japanese Gin born in the Hokkaido prefecture, not far from Sapporo, a region long celebrated for its ancient distillation traditions. The wild nature and mountains mirror their pristine essence in the purity of this excellent Gin. It is produced based on a secret recipe involving the infusion of incredibly fragrant and aromatic Japanese botanicals. Its proverbial lightness is achieved through a carefully detailed distillation process, focused on isolating only the heart and the use of crystal-clear mountain water.

"Etsu" Gin represents one of the most captivating expressions in the modern landscape of this ancient spirit, which is now produced worldwide with recipes and characteristics specific to each region. It is this diversity of interpretations that makes the world of Gin so fascinating and diverse. A realm of endless discoveries, ideal for satisfying the enthusiasts' desire for novelty. It is produced through an infusion of bitter orange peels, tea, liquorice, angelica, juniper, flowers, the Japanese citrus Yuzu, and the purest water sourced from the Teisetsu mountains. In the glass, it presents itself as transparent and clear, with aromas of citrus, hints of white flowers, delicate spicy undertones, and notes of herbal essences, all on a balsamic background. Pure and clear, it unfolds with a harmonious and fresh sip. This label encapsulates Japan's soul and its land's authentic spirit.


Crystalline and pure


Balanced, fresh, with character and great purity


Notes of fresh citrus, floral fragrances, hints of spices and vegetable nuances