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‌Gin Rosa Malfy

‌Gin Rosa Malfy

Torino Distillati

Gin Malfy Rosa is a citrusy and appetizing Italian gin obtained from particular botanicals, including pink grapefruit from Sicily, juniper and rhubarb. Its aromatic profile is fresh and citrusy, with pleasant orange scents. On the palate it is juicy, delicate, harmonious and very pleasant




Alcohol content

41 %


70 cl Bottle


12 years in a combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks


Malfy Rosa Gin is an entirely original creation from the Torino Distillati distillery in Moncalieri. It is a Gin crafted to highlight the freshness and citrusy character typical of Mediterranean atmospheres and fruits. In addition to juniper berries and traditional botanicals, what stands out is the presence of Sicilian pink grapefruit and rhubarb, infusing truly unique aromas. Thanks to this perfect harmony of scents and flavours, a Gin with an unmistakable personality, fresh and delicately citrusy, was born.

Due to its pronounced aromatic characteristics, it is an excellent Gin to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Malfy Rosa Gin is the label from Torino Distillati that captivates at first glance with its pink colour and beautiful notes of Sicilian grapefruit. In a Gin world now completely globalized, the strategy of offering spirits capable of bringing the atmosphere of the country of origin into the glass sincerely and authentically has proven to be a winning one. The Malfy brand was created in 2006 precisely to meet the need for Gins that could tell the story and traditions of a place, using unique and distinctive botanicals. Today, enthusiasts greatly appreciate Malfy Gins precisely for their distinct character compared to products with a more standardized and homogenized taste.

Malfy Rosa Gin is the result of a careful selection of botanicals and manages to blend the great tradition of Gins with a typically international taste with the aromas typical of Mediterranean countries. It is made using a range of botanicals, including pink grapefruit from Sicily, Italian juniper, rhubarb, and lemon and coriander. Infusion takes place in alcohol, and distillation occurs under vacuum using stainless steel stills. In the glass, it presents a delicate pink colour with bright reflections. On the nose, it expresses a subtle aroma of pink grapefruit and citrus, herbal notes, delicate spices, and hints of white flowers. On the palate, it is fresh and fragrant, harmoniously combining juniper aromas, citrusy notes, and the bittering nuances of rhubarb.


Light and bright rosé


Very citrusy, fresh, juicy and delicatem with pleasant aromas of oranges


Delicate and citrusy, with clean scents of citrus peel and Mediterranean herbs