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Grappa di Nebbiolo 'Tre Soli Tre' Berta 2016

Grappa di Nebbiolo 'Tre Soli Tre' Berta 2016


"Three Suns Three" by Berta is a great grappa from Nebbiolo, aged for 8 years in different woods. Broad and deep in aromas, this grappa has a smooth and powerful sip, warm and elegant, with rich aromatic cues. All the importance of Nebbiolo for one of the most complex interpretations of grappa in Piedmont

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Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Marcs of Nebbiolo


8 years in oak casks


Distilleria Berta's "Tre Soli Tre" is a fine single-varietal grappa made exclusively from the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes. The long ageing process, which includes 8 years in wood, gives the distillate a suasive smoothness and great aromatic complexity. The elegance and finesse of a noble grape variety such as Nebbiolo are perfectly reflected in the aromas of currants, berries, vanilla and woody notes found in the distillate. On the palate, it is harmonious, warm and enveloping, with rich, ripe fruit and great final persistence.

Berta's "Tre Soli Tre" Nebbiolo Grappa is one of the most famous and appreciated labels of the Piedmontese Distillery, which for centuries has been producing artisanal distillates of the highest quality, intended for a public of enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The starting raw material is the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes, selected in the Cellars of the typical production areas of the Langhe territory. Once the fermentation phase is over, the pomace is sent for distillation in copper steam boilers. Throughout the process, priority is always given to quality, abundantly discarding head and tail and retaining only the precious heart. The grappa then matures for a good 8 years in wooden casks of various essences, which are placed in underground storage in the best conditions of temperature and humidity.

Berta's "Tre Soli Tre" Grappa is a precious single-varietal distillate, which, thanks to long ageing, expresses all the finesse and aromatic elegance of the Nebbiolo grape. It certainly ranks among the best expressions of Piedmontese Grappas and beyond, confirming the mastery of Distilleria Berta. In the glass, it has a beautiful shiny amber colour. The nose opens on rich aromas of currants, small berries, ripe apricot, morello cherry, vanilla, bitter cocoa and noble woods. The smooth and complex sip expresses a harmonious concert of aromas and evolutionary scents, which embellish the taste experience towards a very persistent finish.


Deep amber


Rich and enveloping, beautiful elegance, spacious and personality


Notes of ripe fruit such as currants enveloping, apricot and cherry, with nuances of vanilla and cocoa